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Same Day Crowns
Grants Pass, OR

CAD/CAM machine with a same day crown atThe Center for Esthetic Dentistry in Grants Pass, ORChairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a technologically advanced field of dentistry. The first use of the CEREC crown was in 1985 in Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology has improved greatly, resulting in even better results. It is one of the greatest accomplishments in modern dentistry. CEREC crowns are created right in the dentist’s office and placed the very same day. This avoids the use of a temporary crown and waiting weeks for a permanent crown to be ready. Visit our office at The Center for Esthetic Dentistry to learn if a CEREC crown might make your smile the best it can be.

Minimally Invasive

A dental crown is a cap fitted over a tooth that is broken or cracked, has undergone a root canal, or is decayed beyond repair by filling. Sometimes caps are used for the sake of appearance. Placing a traditional crown over a natural tooth is a non-invasive procedure. Although there may be some slight discomfort afterwards, you can continue normal activities right away. CEREC crowns are no different. The biggest difference between a CEREC and traditional crown is the fit and the length of time it takes to complete the process.

Traditional vs CEREC Crowns

Traditional crowns are made from various materials, such as metal, ceramic, zirconia, or porcelain fused to either metal or zirconia. The process involves having x-rays of the tooth to determine what needs to be done. The dentist will then perform the appropriate treatment. After the treatment is complete, the tooth edges will be filed down for placing the crown. If necessary, a filling material will be used to help support the crown. An impression of the tooth will be made, and an acrylic temporary cap placed on the tooth. The impression is sent to a laboratory, where your crown will be created and sent back to the dental office. This takes about two weeks, after which you will return to have the permanent crown placed.

CEREC crowns are made of ceramic. The preparation is the same as for a traditional crown. The difference is in creating the permanent crown, which is done right in the office and is ready for placement during your appointment. Our dental professionals will use a scanner to take pictures of your teeth. From these photos, a digital impression is created and sent to the CAD/CAM equipment which creates a digital restoration of the tooth. This is sent to the milling machine, where the physical crown is made. The crown is then polished, and the color is matched to your other natural teeth and placed over the tooth. You are ready to go! CEREC crowns eliminate the need for a temporary crown and a second visit. The process is completed in one appointment.

Long-Lasting, Precise Fit

With proper dental care, CEREC crowns are just as effective and long-lasting as traditional crowns. The CEREC crown looks and feels exactly like your natural tooth. The 3D imaging technology assures a precise fit, matching your bite and gum line.

To learn more or to have a CEREC crown fitted, please give us a call at 541-476-8788 or visit our office at The Center for Esthetic Dentistry.
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At The Center for Esthetic Dentistry, we offer same-day crowns that are created and fitted on the same day! Call our expert staff today to schedule your appointment!
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