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Dental patient looking at dentistSometimes, the best way to help restore your oral health is also one of the easiest. Dental fillings are one of the simplest, quickest treatments that The Center for Esthetic Dentistry offers to instantly upgrade your smile.

What You Need to Know About Fillings

No matter how careful you are about protecting your teeth, accidents still happen. Every day our teeth experience wear-and-tear, which can add up over the years to cause numerous tiny cracks, fractures, and other minor damage. You may not even notice them, but this damage can sometimes make it more difficult to do things like speak or chew, and if left untreated can continue to progress and cause more problems. A filling is when we patch-up these damaged areas with special dental material so that a more extensive and expensive treatment is not required later on.

How Fillings Can Help You

Fillings are great for repairing minor damage and fixing cavities. Almost nine out of every ten Americans will have a cavity at some point, and fillings are one of the easiest restorative treatments available. You may also benefit from fillings if your teeth have small fractures, such as from grinding your teeth or biting your fingernails. Fillings are not ideal for all restorative needs. For teeth with more extensive damage a crown might be necessary.

What Kind of Filling Material is Best for You?

We offer a lot more different materials than the classic silver, or amalgam, filling. Silver is strong and cost-effective, but many of our patients prefer an option that has a lower-impact on their healthy teeth and is less noticeable in their mouths. Composite fillings can closely match the color of teeth. The most expensive option, ceramic fillings, match your teeth even more closely, are stain-resistant, and are tough enough that they can last more than fifteen years. If you have a silver filling, we can replace it with a more aesthetic composite or ceramic filling.

What to Expect During a Filling

A filling is a standard treatment that we perform all of the time. Local anesthesia helps numb any discomfort so that we can safely remove the parts of the tooth that are damaged or decayed. If the tooth is one of your rear molars that is not easily visible, then all we have to do is insert the filler and smooth it out. If the tooth is near the front, then we will spend extra time polishing it with a special coating that flawlessly matches all the rest of your natural teeth. Fillings are generally performed in a single sitting, but sometimes we might ask you to return so we can take a look at your filling and make sure that no new problems have developed.

Call Today for Your Smile Upgrade!

If you think your smile can benefit from an upgrade, or if you want to find out more about the other restorative treatments that we offer to improve the health of your teeth and mouth, then we want to hear from you. You can contact us by calling The Center for Esthetic Dentistry at 541-476-8788.
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Dental fillings are one of the simplest, quickest treatments that The Center for Esthetic Dentistry offers to instantly upgrade your smile. Learn more here!
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