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Why Is My Tongue Looking Yellow?

Posted on 6/15/2024 by The Center for Esthetic Dentistry
A person breaking a cigaretteFinding that your tongue has become yellowish might be startling and a little unsettling. Let us look at some common causes of this odd change in color and how you might deal with it before you get worried.

Poor Dental Hygiene

One of the most frequent reasons for a yellow tongue is poor dental hygiene. Discoloration of the tongue can result from food particles, germs, and dead cells lodged between the swollen and occasionally inflammatory papillae. Using a tongue scraper to clean your tongue and routine brushing and flossing can typically fix the problem.

Diet and Drinks

The tongue is known to become stained by some meals and drinks, such as coffee and turmeric. To stop any transient coloring from settling in, clean your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating these.

Dry Mouth

Food particles and germs are washed away by saliva. Your tongue may seem yellow in a dry mouth from the accumulation of bacteria and cells. This can be lessened by drinking enough water and maybe by using a saliva substitute.

Smoking and Using Tobacco

Your tongue, teeth, and gums might become stained if you smoke or use tobacco products. The chemicals in tobacco can damage your oral health generally and additionally make them yellow. Along with improving your general health, quitting smoking or tobacco use can also make your tongue look better.

Medical Conditions

A yellow tongue can, in rare instances, be a sign of an underlying medical problem, such as psoriasis, jaundice, or oral thrush. These conditions must be treated by a doctor.

See your dentist or other healthcare practitioner if your yellow tongue lasts longer than two weeks or if other symptoms accompany it. They can offer suitable therapies and aid in identifying the underlying reason.

Ready to give your tongue its original color back? See us in person or make an online appointment right now. Give our dentists a call to get a happier, healthier smile. Remember, we put your dental health first!

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