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Which Teeth Come in Last in Children?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Smiling girl in a dental chair. Now that you have started the process of your child getting their baby teeth, you may be wondering which teeth you can expect to see last. Here are some guidelines for which teeth are last to come in and how your children can care for their teeth to have the best dental health possible.

Keeping Teeth Clean Is Vital for Baby Teeth

Many people believe that because children will eventually have one complete set of teeth fall out, they do not need to worry about dental hygiene. However, researchers have found that if children do not take care of their baby teeth, they may be setting themselves up for all kinds of issues later in life. Children who do not brush their baby teeth can end up with a lot of painful cavities, and their permanent teeth may not come in correctly. In fact, their permanent teeth may be weaker, smaller, and discolored than they should be.

You can help your child by teaching them good dental habits early. That means from the time your baby begins cutting teeth, you start brushing them with baby-safe toothbrushes and toothpaste. Young children can learn to brush their own teeth by watching you and imitating the way you brush, so be sure to give them a good model to work from.

The Molars Are Last to Go

It makes sense that children lose their molars last. Molars are the largest teeth you have, and they crush and grind your food for digestion. Molars also have two tooth roots rather than one, which means you have to wait for both tooth roots to loosen and dissolve. Most children begin to lose their first set of molars between ages 10 and 12, but they may not lose them at all until they reach middle school age.

Do you want to know how your child is progressing in their tooth loss? We can help. Why not contact us today to set up an appointment with your child to meet our dentist? We would love to help put your mind at ease.
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