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What Is Teeth Contouring?

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Dr. Darren Huddleston
Image of a smiling woman after finding out her dental care is affordable at The Center for Esthetic Dentistry in Grants Pass, OR.Dental imperfections can occur due to heavy wear, teeth grinding, and genetics. Imagine living with misshapen, short, or longer teeth. This can affect your smile and confidence. Luckily, you do not have to hide your smile because of the appearance of your teeth. Teeth contouring can help to change the shape and size of your teeth.

Teeth contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure for reshaping teeth. It involves enamel removal to give the tooth the right shape and size. Read on and discover more about teeth contouring:

Teeth Contouring Procedure

Teeth contouring is perfect for anyone who wishes to change the appearance of their teeth. While every dental practice has its way of performing teeth contouring, there are general steps you need to be aware of. Before the procedure, the dentist may perform X-rays to ensure the tooth is healthy and obtain the location of the pulp. This is helpful because a tooth that has cavities may not be perfect for contouring. Besides, thin enamel can lower the success of this procedure. In cases when the enamel is weak, a professional may suggest veneers to improve the tooth shape and size.

Once the dentist determines your candidacy for teeth contouring, they may start by removing some amount of teeth enamel. They may then trim or smoothen uneven teeth to create a perfect alignment.

Benefits of Teeth Contouring

Do you have overlapping teeth or bumps in the tooth enamel? Then, tooth contouring may be a good solution. It helps to fix minor teeth appearance issues since removing too much enamel can weaken the teeth. In addition, if you have chipped, cracked, or tooth damage caused by teeth grinding, contouring can help to fix the issues.

This procedure is fast and only needs one appointment to change the appearance of your teeth. Do you want to enhance your smile by improving the shape and size of your teeth? Our skilled dentists use up-to-date technology to ensure an effective teeth contouring process.

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